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agrees with the message. jim brown is revered here for not onlyly what he accomplishes on field but his work to advance social issues off the field,b browns troubled wide receiver josh gordon is also a friend of colin kaepernickos. he is a friend of mine i have great respecti for him for him be doing that, it's great that you did and good for him, he needed to have his voice heard. he was within his rights. and he tells the truth as he sees it.. i am with them 100 percentnt. the browns said in that same discussion that colin kaepernick should not be the issue, he
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more important, the most important issue is young black men killing other young black men. because jim brown remains a special advisor to the cleveland browns, reached out t the browns for a team statement and so far have not heard back from the cleveland browns. the i-team tracking developments in a northeast ohio families fight to get justice t , a teenage girl suspected of killing her father because ofee domestic violence peggy gallek your with the very latest. >> hearing was held for 15-year-old bresha meadows come in while attorneys met to discuss the case,do family/frie did in the hall to show support for her .
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the family/friends stood in the/f hall at the trumbull coun family-court tuesday to offer support for bresha meadows. >> this shirt means to stand with my knees, to stand with to stand together against the rest of violence to bring awareness to domestic violence the life that they had to live with. >> activists also met with the family and give them petitions signed by thousands asking that bresha meadows be released. sh was arrested on an aggravated murder charge july 28 after her father, 40-watt-year-old jonathan meadows, was shot and killed inside the home.0-r- a hearing held tuesday and attorneys met with the judge
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>> the first pretrial and it gives us a chance to meet with the prosecutor and exchange a t discovery. brandi meadows, the girlt's mother said that her husband had abused her for year and thatat bresha meadows would try to help her, trumbull count juvenile prosecutor stanley elkins has not made a decision on whether she should be tried as an investigate and detectors are trying to piece together what happened. >> some relatives of jonathan meadows come including his brotherses, say the belief was abusive, comment is not known h long she will behind barsc.. >> i have a girl in jail that needs to get out and forget about the lawyers come this as a human being who has to get out andmehu
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>> she's coming home, i promise you. >> and other pretrial has been set for october. >> r how long it might she remain he wants to get her out for how long could that take? >> the hope that maybe she cou be released on some type of house arrest with gps but that probably will not brought up until october so there are at leastst several more weeks until we see where this case is heading. >> > er lorain family says a local hospital through ole their babies remains and now demandin answers as maia belay is in lorain how did this happen? >> we still do not know exactly, questions are hard to be answered the family says that
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the biggest question is how could this happen at mercy regional hospital, say that the baby was stillborn is six months, last friday while the family wase ranging services at a funeral home, the hospital cannot locat the babies remains they were told that she was thrown into the laundry. i think it is disgusting never heard of anything like this how do you lose a us body come in today just throw i into the garbage like a piece o paper or something? >> some moneyo questions that w need answered.
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about specific changes to make sure this does not happen again. cans of last ran to get to the bottom of a double homicide at 9:00 a.m. a person called 91 said that a woman with her hand boundnd came to rome and said someone had been shotam when please responded to a home on midway avenue that they found two shot dead three children inside were not injured, 35-year-old victim joshua weatherspoon come with the not identified..ea an akron police officer once named officer of the yearar has cut a deal after being arrested for ovi i,ut lieutenant chris pine so was pulled over and i i withdraw said she was driving intoxicated had a loaded handgun, she was scheduled for trial next month she has played guilty to a misdemeanor charge ofy improperly handling a firearm in a motor
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could go to jail if she gets in trouble again.0 checking back o the city does to about a problem we expose about school kids in dangero of a big shortage of crossing guards quoted he foun out ed gallek? >> hprogress to fill the gaps, dozens of jobs unfilled. city hall now says city five crossin guard jobs are open, it is down, at that time about one fourth o the jobs were unfilled, no explanation, they started with so many openings, place and unanswered questions as they di the hiring, they can be critica jobs last year we showed you a child nearly killed by hit-and-run driver outside of a school with no crossing guard
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are still open, city hall says his processing war applications and where possible there have been guards double up, they moved to a different school wit different start and end times.. >> last time several council members were absolutely livid what do they say? >> some of them comment will be taking action,s councilman bria kazy says that counse will come up in a public safety hearing. thousand thee parents won't have to worry about what to do with their children this week ao school teachers will not go on strike, lorrie taylor says ther is a tentative agreement with thet union and school district she joins us with the details. that agreement was reached this morning, neither sidem is released details they said that
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the proposed contract first, about 5:00 a.m. the two sides made a tentative agreement, after 21 hours of negotiations , the contract still needs to be ratified, but they are confiden that they have a plan that everybody can feel good about, teachers union president says that we worked hard to avoid any disruption to students educatio andca able to bring back a contract that's good for students and educatorson that t members will be proud to ratify , schools ceo eric gordon says we are pleased to take a contract to the board that both sites he is fair, it will become effective immediately when ratified, they had threatened t walk on thursday if the deal wa
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next on the agenda to get a levy on the november ballotonon. >> what did the fbi know about hillary clinton's private e-mai
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er. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
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end of summer? >> reand do that with a german flare the tenth annual clevelan oktoberfest kicks off friday at cuyahoga county fairgrounds features all the best the city has to offer in addition to foo init the can sample beers from 18 microbreweriess enjoy all kinds of family fun including the largestly glockenspiel in the country. we are going to unveil that awesome glockenspiel cared it is the largest us to be revealed on friday and also the milwaukee glockenspiel for the cleveland oktoberfest. oktoberfest features the annual weiner dog races. for more inf fox >> . >>
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weekend weather-wise. i called today's weather at ten. year it is humid the clouds returning and not perfe perfection. >> glad that you're not my teacher because i wanted preferred that easy a.. >> wages you that a day, it is coming. this is webcam from a tower in columbus yesterday.
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looking under the cloud deck a few thunderstorms and showers beginning to clip the northwest ohio the finance extending south it is a broken line that is heading east.
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of us tomorrow at increasing the chance of rainfall. noticed some trees are changing color some that are a bit more stress due to lack of rainfall essentially they're going to conserve energy. some of those showing signs even though we've had some recent rainfall, it agrees burke lakefront and basically we have 80s everywheree, with 91 degrees at parkersburg and 92 huntington, we still have some dry air at akron-canton but it is pretty soggy to the last you can fill that with increasing clouds tonight whence light and variable the voters were cast
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showers/storms it is not solid line, is a broken lin maybe 40-50 percent chance as i increases into humid territory tomorrow afternoon night it wil dry out and then will be audibl like dry. a pending tropical storm that will florida panhandle during the week whenever you see tropical activity essentially puts the brakes on all of our nun states whether so if you get stuck wit nice weather you get that put o hold, 74, 77, 79, 81, all with bright sunshine, friday-monday,
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number ten.. >> i will agree it is perfect. >> that's great. >> driverless cars could be the future of transportation.
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a new way to get dogs adopted. >> and tesla drivers love their autopilot feature, maybe too much here isth gabe spiegel wit trending today. >> i like the idea of a car driving itself, i'm so lazy, tesla is a leading the pack the companiess run by smart people but they may soon drive some customers crazy can autopilot feature in the d for abuse the autopilot feature and don't follow the rules followin several crashes in one fatality autopilot updates on the tesla 8.0 will be available in the software mayt include limits fo drivers who misbehave so if you do not put your hands on the steering wheel when told to do so,ha the autopilot will diseng and you will have to pull over
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and that would be very frustrating. it ties you to put your hands ands if you do not then you have to start all over again, ford and google areotou still develog cars that drive themselves by tesla knows that some people enjoy driving it sounds like there leading the way and responsible autopilot and a copilot dr they say that they do not want anybody else t die so they want you to follow the ruleses. >> that's a good looking car. >> it is sharp. >> starting at about $80,000? >> next year they're coming out withxt a model that should be l than $40,000, it would be all
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computer, so next year maybe i could afford what's bett than watching a great movie lat at night with your snacks and couple pajamas? doing it with lovable dog smells want the lifelinel and will project in landon does it is paying off with dog adoptions, people named paul anka have been in the shelter nine months until they had a sleepover project and after a family to come over for one night they realize thater bulls are lovable dogs and he was adopted the next day. lotta people, once a foster a dog for a couple of daysys you create t bond. >> get them home so they can experience that environment. >> > her dog is a massive dog.
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i think that's a good idea. >> cracking down on a growing crime, police tracked down a
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for the second time in three weeks police arrested a group of suspects in smash and grabs >> jack shea joins us with details. somebody gave police the information they needed to find these guys.. there was a big bump, i seideman thought that someone had hit my car and it was somebody ram in the store to break into still the edm . a group that these is attempted t use a saw a man run into a nearby jeep that left the neighborhood at a high rate of speed plays a ride she gave a detailed description they caught the suspects on the side resting for. she said the reason she had involved was out of respect for the store owner in the neighborhood. >> i felt bad about that
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is bent in the neighborhood a long time and nothing like this has happened to him. he's a real good guy and did not deserve this. they believe that the same group arrested this morning may be involved in at least five other i smash and grabs. the bottom line is they're not kidding away with it anymore. could find out tomorrow what the fbi knew about hillary clinton's use of private e-mail server well as secretary of state expected release documents related to the investigation of her in response to freedom of information act request, not clear when they would be released or what they would include, the state department sayss about 30 e-mails related to
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and not included bonding 55,000 given t the fbi, they need a month or s to review the e-mails and reda classified info before released >> hillary clinton will return to northeast ohio attending the 11th district congressional parade the event sponsored by marcia fudge who chaired the democratic national convention she is expected to speak to the crowd at a luke easter park rally wit details still worked out, cc republican party officially endorsing donald trumpmp the decision was made during the executive meeting, donald trump received the backing of two joh kasich delegates to the rnc as well as a marco rubio delegate:
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more inclusive and focused party. i >> something called a wall mount. that's not what we're making reference to show you th clear skies and east. you can see especially new york state skies were mostly clear with increasing not even
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i saw this on twitter from newark new york southeast of rochester near the finger lakes area. a retired schoolteacher, and immature astronomer of a excellent caliber. it is a sliver of moon about to go into the new moon stage. this is in the monthly cycle, it will appear on the other side in the evening sky in several days but it will be in
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you can see lots of thickening clouds. >> if we could see the moon, we were not because the cloud cove is thickening in the first showers/storms beginning to sho up in northwest ohio, approaching toledo, ryan and defiance. all part of a cold front impressive coverage of of showers/storms, but they are al connected. it will push out the warmth and humidity today high of 88 night clouds will continue to thicken and then the cold frontt with scattered showers along the front into tomorrow
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places that will miss out but some that will get a few showers/storms with a high near 80 degrees. with the winds aloft watch as the much cooler air roseann it is an impressive cold shot those that like that cold snap you're going to get that once we arrive in septembe on thursday. thursday through monday will be comfortable and perhaps touching 80 mid week next week. no doubt that distracted driving is dangerous and serious. >> two women have come up with solution they hope will get
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the shoreway, is found, with a
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it is backed up at the 50 5th street exit it is slow going, major league baseball steps up to the plate and women flashing drivers in traffic. here is a elizabet noreika to tell us about that i the update. we have to pay for a huge fine levied against apple?tons european union hit with a $14.6 billion bill for back taxes as ireland had granted illegal state aidha to lower apple tax bill for the past 20 years, the white house worries that apple could deduct the payment from the amount it does the u.s. government, people who survived heart attacks are living longer than before
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rate for patients had risen by s almost entirelyly due to the use of stents, bypasses and angioplasty, they said that medicine an living a healthy lifestyle are a vital part of survival.iv ballplayers step onto the plate to help flood victims in louisiana the lake and players union are donating a quarter million dollarsd to the american red cross and the bato rouge area foundationon a portion going to high socks were help nonprofit created by white sox pitcher to assist natural disaster victims nationwide. japan homes to explore the moon with a lunar rover prototype made by a electronics company weighs about 9 pounds, is allowing ith motors for a smooth maneuverability on the moon or service it will be
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condition that encourages entrepreneurs to create affordable access to thexx moon and back the first team to successfully complete the mission will get the $20 millio prize post oni two houston women have a way of dealing with distracted drivers by flashing them,it but not that way, they have been hauling up flashcards with messages such as hanging up the phone and drive and your blinker is on, they have in doing this for about one year and have received ix reactions.heis according to the ntsb, more than 3,000 people dieded in 2014 in accidents cau
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the funds have come a long way sinc reach out and touch someone coming upe next away to see who you're talking to on your smart
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first there was skype and then apple introduced facetimeme. >> now another way to video chat, as rich demuro has more on google duo and the tech report. >> on iphone facetime has made video calling easy, but not on android a new app called google duo video calls between the two operating systems. that sound of a facetime call, iphone users have enjoyed simple video calling for years but on androi they were left out there are alternatives according skype an facebook messenger via facetime is still the king. in that ca change things to a new google
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it has free video and it works on both android and iphone. the video is clear and the app is easy to use so why might this be better than facetime? it can work no matter what phone your friends use. >> nimwto start both users must install the google duo app available in the app store in google play, sign-up use your phone number with no google account necessary,yo openy the app, contacts only signed up appear at the top others have an invite next to the name, the fun part is a feature called knock-knock show the person you are calling it. video of yourself, you can make funny faces or get the camera angle correct. three advantage over facetime, it is free and there is nearly no sign-up process and it works with all o your friends no matter what phone they use and you will
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they've worked hard to make the video look great a matterr the connection of cellular or wi-fi , the biggest challenge is to get your iphone friends to install that since they already have facetime,hds is easy to use and works across iphone and android it is video: for everyone for a link to the website it is rich on tv. that's your tech report. new information about a sleep apnea treatment andnd the sooth effects of an ipad that and more in the health report. >> nnew worries about zika viru in brazil suggest about 6 percent of babies are affecte and experience hearing loss ho it has been shown to be responsible for smaller heads and brains as well as vision
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another key study suggesting it can live and caus damage in newborns for at least two months after birth. masks used to help sleep apnea may no help your heart. cpap devices do nothing to lower long-term odds of heart attack, stroke or heart related health problems related to cardiovascular improvements, cpap users say and using ore awakes fewer sick days and in a better mood >> if your child need surgery want to french study shows itt works to calm them before surgery as wel as a sedative, thosee given a drug compared to those who were given an ipad found anxiety levelsou the same but those usi ipad to not have to worry about sedative side effects. dogs would rather get praise then a treat, adds emory university they studied the brain activity of dogs and thatd they liked
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showed li that the 15 dog study only to lend food and praise the same, researchers say that dogs are wired to be social animals and the interaction with humans is likely more stimulating than food reward. check in with andre bernier for another look at the day it is looking spectacular. >> i also respond well to praise, you can see me smiling from ear to ear wheneveru that happens. we do have a good forecast once we get behindd th cold front you can see increasing humiditys, tonight w
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temperature of 66 and here comes the cold front with scattered showersco during tomorrow afternoon it will be high near 80 degrees and beyond that will bebe cool crispy with bright sunshine for the holiday
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thank you, to words that mean so much. >> punches the person who hurt them but to the person who says
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in a serious atv accident in south dakota, her body was crushed, they called 911 but were in the woods and knew it would take a while to get help, fortunately, dr. brian skow coordinated current treatment from a video feed and helpeded emts administer treatment 700 miles away now she's doing better and has a chance to than the dr. in person. >> is to be able to walk around first time that she met him she was hanging on by a thread. it could have gone a different way and we are very thankful and amazed to be here. to see her up and doing so well is amazing. they also have something else
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birthday. it is an unthinkable mistake, the parents say a local hospital did with the remains o their stillborn baby.nt i-team covers developments into the investigation of police shootin of unarmed man. t >> we did some quick turns to the left, into the right & barrel turns >> the thrill of a lifetime as local principle takeshe a ride with the blue angels the fox 8 news airsick starts right now. >> k were a family is in mourning after a hospital says they lost their babies remains. maia belay is and will reign with on the story.
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everybody is heartbroken and in shock wondering how this could happenener. >> something went down terribly bad and i would not wish this o anyone else. >> all she wanted to do was major great-granddaughter. >> stillborn in six months she would not get the chance, and the mist of his familyly's grie that their will be no remains t bearer, mercy regional medical her. >> i am so disgusted i have never heard of anything in my life how do you lose a baby's claiml answers are hard to come by as the hospital staff said >> they did not have the decenc to call her to come to the hospital, to talk to her, to have an interview, they told this over the phone while she
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killed herself. >> mercy regional issued this statement that reads in part- what did they do, but it in the garbage like a piece of paper, there are so many unanswered the family is still moving forward with a memorial service. following breaking news, u-vers dee heinz police investigating, after a 15-year-old claimed she was right as she walked home from school with a friend aroun


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